I follow a blog that gives daily word prompts for the purpose of writing inspiration. Today’s word is Tempted.  So here goes….

If the love of money is the root of all evil, I would have to say that temptation is the root of all sin.

Typically, when confronted with the prospect of  temptation, we’re often in a position where inaction is usually our best course of action. “Don’t eat that slice of triple chocolate cherry cheesecake, it’ll blow your diet”. “Don’t answer that call from Mr/Mrs Wrong, you’ll only end up getting hurt again.” Or one of my personal favorites, “Whatever you do, DO NOT press send!! It’s too late and you’ve had way too many adult beverages!” 

While many of us have and continue to struggle with some or all of these situations, as well as many others, I find that at this particular juncture, inaction is one of my biggest temptations. Call it complacency. Call it comfort. You can even call it success. But the desire to push cruise control, take my foot off the gas and just coast through this period in my life is one of the most daunting temptations that I face.

Climbing the ladder of success and personal achievement is an awesome journey. Regardless of how you choose to carve out your own individual path, we all come to points where we are either, tired, discouraged, unmotivated or even satisfied and the current “plateau” seems like the perfect place to take a load off.  You know, sit back and smell the roses. This is a tempting place to be, but one no one wants to be caught dawdling around in.


Rest… But only for a second.  We are only human and we all get fatigued from time to time. It’s completely understandable. Take a moment to look over the edge. Take in the view. Then step back and reflect on  where you’ve come from. Begin to envision the other places you want to go on your travels and determine the best course of action for you to get there. 

Tho we can be enticed by the beauty of where we are, don’t allow yourself to be tempted into stagnation by the comforts of your current situation.


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